Access Control Management Servers

What Are Access Control Servers?

An access control server can be seen as the computer system or software behind a key card access control system. The server holds all the access related data. The software makes sure that you can easily see who has access to which room or building at different times.

Access control servers come with a user-friendly design to give the users complete control over the access of the key card control system. You can group users, grant temporary authorization to visitors, or automatically trigger actions in events like evacuations or fires. You can also activate or deactivate all electronic locks connected to the access control server based on various customization parameters.

How Do Access Control Servers Work?

An access control system consists of different components like the electronic lock, a tag or key card and the access control server. These components exchange data with each other to determine who can access to the building and who can’t. This data needs to be stored in a centralized system which should be easily maintained by the users.

The software that comes with the access control server enables users to configure the access control system based on his or her needs. Temporary access or specific triggers for specific events can be configured to make sure that your building is secured even when you are not present.

Why You Need An Access Control Server?

All properties are unique and each property requires a different kind of security. The main entrance of a building requires different access control than an elevator on a specific floor or an office. To fully control every aspect within your access control system, an access control server is highly recommended. It gives you the possibility to maintain your access control system based on your needs.

An access control server gives you the control over all components that are part of your access control system, even if you are not physically present in the property where the system is installed.

Why You Should Hire Prime Access Control To Install Your Access Control Server?

The installation of an access control server is complex. It requires expertise to install it the way you want. Prime Access Control has professionals who have been installing access control servers for decades. Our professional installation of access control servers offers you the possibility to control who has access to your property.

You can control who has access between set times and set doors. It is also possible to make doors freely accessible for certain times. So, contact us and let Prime Access Control help you with installing an easily maintainable access control server.