Access Control Services

In a modern environment, an access control system is the safest, most advanced way to monitor who comes in and out of your building. It can come in a variety of different formats depending on your chosen setup.

An access control system is, for the most part, security for an establishment or place that requires authentication or authorization. The system will, no matter the component, grant or reject access to the person attempting to unlock it based on their method of entry. For instance, if you were to have a keypad component, the correct combination of numbers or letters would be required in order to gain access to the facility.

The relevant personnel will be given the required information for access, whether this be a fob, combination number, or a manual setup to allocate people’s access points. These access tools are known as ‘components’.

There are typically six of these ‘components’ used for state-of-the-art technology security systems, and these options can be expansive or simplistic.



These will be intermittently linked to a door with a key number, much like a combination padlock, that has to be correctly typed in order to gain access. The unique combination is chosen upon setup of the system and information is given accordingly.

Control Panels

This is the primary connection between readers/locks and the cards/credentials trying to unlock them. They can be large electronic boxes much like a fuse box, but can also be accessible via an app or electronic device.


The electronic key alternative to make access easier. Credentials can either be made in the form of a key-chain fob or an encrypted key. These will be made specially to match the electronic blueprint of the mechanism it’s trying to unlock, so it’ll only work in certain areas that it’s linked up to.

Key Cards

Much like a credential/fob, a key card can be used as a scanning device onto an electronic pad. The pad will be placed outside or on a door, predominantly at the entrance point. They’re set up to only grant access to key cards that have been specifically scanned into specific doors.

Electric Locks

Door locks are the most typically common of all components, mainly due to their variety based on shapes and sizes; but all perform a similar, self-explanatory function. In the case of electric locks, they’ll be monitored and utilized alongside a central control panel.


Often seen as the central hub of an operation, a server could be a computer system or certain software designed to have complete control over access. These can be easily controlled and regulated by management with the aforementioned software.

No matter what component or format you use, an access control system can be extremely beneficial to a workplace environment because it provides management with regulated control of who can enter specific areas, and when they can do so. It also keeps precious and/or expensive items safe and secure from anyone who may not be permitted to use them.

How It Works

It works on a simple concept that the door is locked and a user may have to present, scan or enter the credentials in case he/ she wants to gain access to the building. A user may choose different types of credentials such as a pin code, key fobs, cards etc.

Boost Security

As a business owner, you can only allow access to certain employees, and avoid unauthorized people effectively. These access control systems offer customization and convenience for business owners.

Detailed Reports

You’ll get comprehensive reports that showcase everything such as when a user used their credentials, access points, timestamps and more. This valuable information helps you refine your security options.

Convenient User Management

No more changing locks every time a worker turnaround happens. Use access control systems to delete, update, and add a user to stay safe.

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