Credential Access Control Systems

What Are Access Control Credentials?

Access control credentials include numerical codes, proximity cards, key fobs, user names, and passwords, or any other security code used to verify a user’s identity and gain access to a room/building.

If you have an access control keypad installed, then the credentials would be a unique PIN code or a password given to each employee. A user simply types their unique PIN code and the door unlocks.

Credentials can also be physical meaning that employees get a key fob, a proximity card or a smart card. In some cases, a user has to swipe the card to get the door to unlock. In others, such as the proximity card, a user has to be in specific proximity of the card reader.

Credentials can also be biometric details such as fingerprints and facial recognition. This is widely regarded as the most secure type of access control system because human characteristics are unique.

How Do Access Control Credentials Work?

When a user presents their credentials to the access control reader, the reader sends this information to the access control panel. This can be typing a PIN code or swiping a magnetic card, etc.

The control panel then runs the credentials through its database to verify the user’s identity. This is known as the authentication process and it takes seconds to complete. Once the user’s identity is verified, the door unlocks.

In the case of biometric credentials, the access control reader scans the user’s face or fingerprint (depending on the type of credentials you use) and verifies it’s the user is in the database and should be granted entry.

Why You Should Install Access Control Credentials?

Credentials are an alternative to keys and are, therefore, very convenient. Additionally, they are much more secure than the traditional key system.

Depending on the type of credentials used, each user is given unique credentials in the form of PIN code, proximity card, magnetic card, or another type of access credentials. The system allows you to control who gains access to specific areas in your building.

Using an access control credentials system will give you more control over your business and will keep unauthorized personnel and intruders out of your premises.

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