Electric Lock Systems

What Are Electronic Locks?

An electronic lock is a lock that works on electricity. Instead of a key, the lock is opened by using for example, a pin code, a card (smart card), a remote control or by flashing a code on your mobile phone.

There are also electronic locks that are time and place-specific: they only open at a certain time or in a certain place. This means that you do not have to fear for uninvited guests entering your property. Doors with electronic locks provide extra security as they always close automatically and the electronic locks are resistant to modern burglary methods.

How Do Electronic Locks Work?

Just like a classic lock, an electronic lock is built into the door. The only difference is that there is no keyhole visible. You can open the lock without a key. This does not mean that no tools are needed at all. This depends on the type of electronic lock you install.

With some electronic locks it’s possible to open the lock with a card, and others require a fob that must be held against the lock. There are even electronic locks that don’t require tools at all to get access. These electronic locks can be opened by typing a certain code into the keypad positioned on or near the door.

Why You Should Install Electronic Locks

Electronic locks have many advantages over traditional locks. In short, it comes down to the fact that electronic locks make it much easier to arrange who can access your property. Electronic locks are very easy to maintain.

In the event that keys are lost or in case of office relocation, it is not required to replace the lock cylinders. Also, tags or fobs are cheaper than keys to replace and it’s possible to record who has been in a room or building and when. Many businesses invest in electronic locks as replacing classic locks simply costs too much money.

Why You Should Hire Prime Access Control To Install Your Electronic Locks?

Are you considering an electronic lock, and do you want to view the possibilities? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts at Prime Access Control know everything about electronic locks and we install them professionally. After all, installing an electronic lock is not that simple.

We are fully up to date with the latest technology in the industry, and we know how to help you connect the electronic lock to the best systems in the market. If you want perfectly working locks that keep even the most experienced burglars out, then consider the possibility of an electronic lock and let us help you! Contact us now.