Gate Access Control Systems

A gate access control system may be the best choice if you would like to provide extra protection for your property. These gates offer a smart solution for guarding your driveways (both front and rear) and can be opened easily and quickly. It takes only the time of pushing a button, swiping a card, or using a code.

The way how a gate access control system works is simple. There is a gate that is locked electronically and is connected to an access control server. At the gate when you enter a code or other credentials (for example a keycard) into the access panel, the panel will communicate with the server and verify if the entered credentials are correct or not. In case of correct credentials, an electronic signal is sent to the control panel and door operator, then the gate gets unlocked and opens. How the gate opens depends on the type of the gate opener.

Swinging Arm Opener

To open the gate, the swinging arm opener moves (pushes or pulls) the gate in the right direction and holds it open for a given amount of time. Then it pulls or pushes the gate to close again.

Sliding Gate Opener

The sliding gate opener works with a motorized gear in order to open and close the gate on a track. In this case, the opener connects to a gear rack that is mounted on the gate, and allows it to open the gate.

Gate opener systems have built-in safety sensors, so they can prevent unexpected accidents and injuries by reversing the gate when resistance is detected while opening or closing.

Most gate access control systems are powered by using the power system of your building and have a backup battery as well to prevent a power failure. Contact us today for more information about our gate access control systems.