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Prime Access Control is proud to offer its commercial clients the cutting edge brand in cloud-based access control – Brivo. You can trust our certified technicians for all Brivo product consultation and installation needs in the Los Angeles area.

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Brivo is the pioneer company for cloud-based access control. This brand is trusted by large corporations, startups, financial institutions, health care service providers, government institutions, property development companies, educational, and religious institutions.

Brivo Product Capabilities
  • State-Of-The-Art Access Control: Monitor and manage the activities of your building from one dashboard, based anywhere in the world.
  • Video Surveillance: Take advantage of the real-time views and access recorded videos that are safely stored cloud.
  • Smart Home: Control and manage specific functionalities within your property through automation.
  • Mobile Management: Discover a new world of frictionless access control possibilities by using a mobile device as a key.
  • Visitor Management: Easily monitor and vet everyone coming into your facility at all times.
  • Open API Platform: Integrate Brivo with different platforms through API to expand the functionality or build a custom system.
Brivo Devices
  • Video: Brivo Access Cam and video devices can record real-time views at the selected standards while instantly storing the recorded videos in the cloud.
  • Readers: Our smart and elegant readers are designed to fit any space while delivering effective cloud access control. Unlock the reader with your smartphone, encrypted smart cards, FOBs, PINs, or a proximity card.
  • Control Panels: They are the brain behind the access control system. It allows the locks, readers, and sensors to communicate effectively with each other.
  • Smart Locks: Brivo partners with a variety of top industry brands to deliver smart locks in different designs that can fit into any building’s existing aesthetics while offering cutting-edge access security.

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Brivo Statistics
  • It is used by over 23 Million Users worldwide
  • Brivo has been installed in over 72,000 residential and commercial
  • It is used by over 200 fortune 500 companies
  • Presence in over 40 countries
  • 1500+ dealers