Mandatory Access Control

Mandatory Access Control system or MAC is a type of cyber-security system centrally controlled by a policy administrator. In a Mandatory Access Control system, users do not have access or permission to override or modify any part of a system’s policy either by accident or on purpose. Only the security administrator has access to the system and is in charge of defining a central policy that all of the users must abide by. This type of system is most commonly used in the United State Government, military facilities, and law enforcement because it helps to secure and protect highly classified data and information.

Tighter Security

A Mandatory Access Control system allows for tighter security because the policy administrators can easily identify any type of network attack or any type of breach to the system’s security. Due to its hierarchical setup, fewer people have access to the system which in turn leads to less of a security risk for the organization. This system is by far the most rigid and also most secure system. Although implementing a Mandatory Access Control system is quite costly, it’s worth it if you are looking to implement the highest level of security for your organization.

Trusted Professionals

If you think a Mandatory Access Control system would benefit you or your organization or if you are looking to combine a MAC system with another type of system such as a Discretionary Access Control system, it is imperative to work with a trusted professional such as Prime Control Access. Prime Control Access has extensive knowledge and really understands the intricacies of a Mandatory Access Control system. Contact us today and find out how Prime Access Control can help you assess your current system and make the best decision to implement an access control system that is secure and works to improve your current organization’s system.