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Sentex Systems Repair

If you need to repair an existing Sentex System, Prime Access Control provides maintenance and repair services throughout Los Angeles County. We’re one of the best access control companies in the city, and we specialize in repairing intercom systems, call boxes and controlled access systems. Our white glove intercom repair service is well renowned in the city of Los Angeles.

We also offer 24/7 emergency intercom repair services if you happen to get locked out of your property. Our highly trained staff members are professional, seasoned, and qualified to repair the latest Sentex Systems. If you want to upgrade to a new access control system, we also provide a wide range of modern intercoms to improve your security at your home or business venue. We’re happy to find a more modern intercom system for you, or repair your current Sentex System. Contact us for more information.

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Sentex Repair Services

sentex infinity L Series repair and installation
Sentex Infinity L Series Repair

The “L” series is a telephone entry device that features a large liquid crystal display (LCD) that offers a “electronic directory” using pages of 24 names at a time. The “L” series also offers instructions and suggestions for visitors and on-site programming of the system. Card and/or code access control for two doors is a choice for this system.

sentex infinity S series repair and installation
Sentex Infinity S Series Repair

The “S” series is very much like the “M” series, except that the LCD display has a 2-line 16-character display on each line that is 3/8″ high. Each control panel can support a card and a code access for 2 doors or 2 gates. In addition, Infinity has the capability to network up to 16 panels for broader installation requirements. Built for performance and functionality.

sentex infinity M series repair and installation
Sentex Infinity M Series Repair

The “M” series has the same capabilities as the “L” series, except that it has a 2-line 20-character LCD display with 1/2″ high characters. The electronic monitor of the “M” series shows one name at a time and facilitates fast forward and reverse capabilities. This Infinity Series combines the convenience of telephone entry with the flexibility of access control.

sentex B series repair and installation
Sentex Infinity B Series Repair

The “B” series is a card/code access-only framework that comes in an enclosure that must be mounted in a secure area. The “DI” series has the same functions as the “L” series, except that it uses a directory typed instead of an electronic directory. The “B” series has the ability to network up to 16 panels for larger installation requirements.

Sentex Crown Jewel Model repair and installation
Sentex Crown Jewel Repair

The Crown Jewel Series is the most sophisticated portable telephone entry device available for private entrances and door access points. Its sleek layout and comprehensive features make it possible for any resident or office manager to increase the level of security. You can choose to see the individual requesting access by adding a CCTV.

Sentex Mini Keypad repair and installation
Sentex MiniKey Repair Service

The MiniKey is a self-contained keypad module for the control of doors and gateways. For applications that need an entry and exit keypad or to control a secondary input point, the MiniKey supports an optional remote keypad device that connects directly to the main unit. Both the MiniKey and the remote keypad units are durable and reliable.

No matter what component or format you need repaired, Prime Access Control can help. Sentex Systems can be extremely beneficial for your commercial property or workplace environment because it provides management with regulated control of who can enter specific areas, and when they can do so. We repair Sentex Systems to help keeps your commercial property or business safe.

How It Works

Sentex Systems work on a simple concept that the door is locked and a user may have to dial a number or enter their credentials if they want to gain access to the building. A user may choose different types of credentials such as a pin code or key fob.

Boost Security

As a business owner, you can only allow access to certain users, and avoid unauthorized people effectively. Sentex access control systems offer customization and convenience for business owners.

Detailed Reports

You’ll get comprehensive reports that showcase everything such as when a user used their credentials, access points, timestamps and more. This valuable information helps you refine your security options.

User Management

No more changing locks every time you need to restrict access to certain users. Use Sentex control systems to delete, update, and add new users. Contact us to request more information about Sentex Systems repair.

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