Smart Phone Access Control

A Mobile or Smartphone-based access control system is a cloud-based hub that enables smartphones to grant access to individuals entering into rooms, spaces, or any type of building. Smartphone-based access control systems are most frequently set up through the use of Bluetooth low energy and eliminate the headache of having to pair a device manually.

The Bluetooth sensor can easily be placed on a door and has a larger read range than a traditional Radio Frequency Identification card. With this type of system, a specialized Identification code can be sent to your email address granting an individual access to a specific building for an allotted amount of time.

The Benefits of Using This Type of System

The benefit of using a smartphone-based access control system is that you no longer need to use keys, a badge, or a physical card to enter a building. Instead of having to hunt for your access card on your way to work, you can seamlessly get into the building with your smartphone. This is a much more convenient and cost-effective alternative to having a physical card.

The door controller identifies if an individual has access to enter a building and if so, the door controller will send a signal to the door to grant access to the person trying to enter. It’s a very convenient system that is more seamless and secure than traditional systems that are much more costly and require a lot more maintenance. This system saves companies and individuals from having to invest in the distribution and print production of physical cards.

Adaptable Technology

The mobile-based access system is more adaptable to the technological world we live in. If you’re considering installing a smartphone-based access control it’s essential that you talk with a trusted professional such as Prime Access Control who is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable with setting up this type of system.