Door Access Control System

The main function of a door access control system is to restrict who can enter a building, a room, or other specific areas. These systems offer a compact, low-cost solution to secure any kinds of places. They are widely used in homes, offices, server rooms, data centers, hospitals, airports, and many other places.

Door access control systems are ready to use devices and can be easily installed by a technician. Depending on the level of security you would like to provide in your organization/home and the size of the area you would like to secure. These systems can be linked to each other or can be standardized as well within a building.

There are different kinds of door access control systems, but basically they work the same way. When a person attempts to unlock the door, the door reader, which is controlling the electric lock, determines whether that person can enter. It grants access to the person if he/she has the proper credentials (for example a fob, a combination of numbers or letters, or a key card) to enter the facility. Mostly there is an administrator who is responsible for the settings, and this person can manage the authorizations given to the users for entering each room/building.

Door access control systems have many advantages that make it worth investing in these systems. These advantages include:

  • They can provide a high level of security.
  • They can also reduce the administrative costs to a great extent (lower personnel and maintenance costs) which may be a very important factor for an organization.
  • The process of authentication is very fast, it takes less than one second for a person to gain access to a facility.
  • Moreover, these systems have different features, so everyone can find a system that is suitable for his/her needs or budget.

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